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    Go Local

    As real estate agents and members of the local business community, we are committed to supporting and promoting small businesses in the communities we serve. We have many opportunities to share our favorite small, local businesses with our clients. Whether they are buying furniture and house wares, planting a garden, looking for a neighborhood hardware store or exploring their neighborhood coffee shop or dive bar, it’s an opportunity for us to share and promote our favorite small and local businesses.

    Small, local businesses provide our city with a diversity and unique identity that large, chain retailers cannot. They also produce revenue that stays here and benefits all of us. Small businesses are rooted in the community and thus, provide sustainable and responsible economic development. They also depend on local community members to patronize them as they tend to be more vulnerable than the big guys. We’ve seen too many beloved businesses forced to shut their doors. So get out there and shop local! Whether it’s your local neighborhood, city or just the DC Metro area, you’re missing out if you don’t first look at what is in your own backyard.

    A few of our favorites are Miss Pixie’s Furnishings and Whatnot for great used and vintage furniture and random stuff, Community Forklift for recycled building supplies, and the ever popular Busboys and Poets. What are some of your favorites?
    In DC, there’s a whole movement around buying local first, which makes it super easy to find exciting new small, local businesses around you. For more information, check out Think Local First.

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