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    Our Approach to Working with Sellers

    We understand that selling your home is much more than a business transaction. Your home is filled with wonderful memories. We pride ourselves on being able to translate the qualities that you love so much about your home and community to qualified buyers. We do this by maximizing your home’s potential through maps, staging, photography, video and interior design.

    When advising on pricing, we listen to your thoughts and opinions and work together to find the perfect price point that will allow your house to sell quickly but for the maximum amount. We will take you out to see competing comparable properties and give you tips on things you can do to quickly increase your home’s value.

    We believe that a vital element of our relationship with you as a seller is honest and frequent communication. We will tell you how many showings your home is getting, who is showing it and what they think of it. We will inform you when comparable properties come on the market, go under contract or sell. We will tell you when we think it may be time to adjust our marketing strategy and/or pricing. We encourage an open and honest dialogue.

    When it comes to marketing your home, we rely on a heavy web presence since the Internet is where most buyers are now shopping for homes. But we also believe in getting people in the door through open houses and showings and having flyers and postcards that they can take with them. We also reach out to and market your property to our vast network of professional contacts.

    Why do we work with Investors?

    We believe that investors who purchase and renovate distressed properties are a vital component of building community. We all know that there is a lot of property on the market these days that needs work. Some buyers are willing to take on a renovation project, but there aren’t enough buyers to transform every property that needs help. This is where an investor comes in.

    We only work with investors who are experienced and talented at rehabilitation projects and construction. We only work with professionals who do quality work and follow the law and construction codes. We work with professionals who preserve historic and architectural details, use environmentally friendly materials and systems and are proud to deliver superior quality workmanship.

    If you think that your property may be of interest to an investor, let us know and we’d be happy to discuss it further with you.

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