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    Room to Grow in Petworth

    Jill and Luis with the keys to their new home.

     Many of our clients have simply outgrown the space they’re in, but love the neighborhood where they live. Often, they just can’t afford more square footage in their current hood. This was the dilemma for Jill and Luis. They loved living in their tiny apartment on the 17th Street NW strip of Dupont Circle. They were friends with their neighbors, steps to the supermarket and great restaurants, had family- friendly neighborhood parks, close to public transportation. They endured cramped living quarters even after they had their first child, but once they had their second child, they simply needed more space.

    They were clearly sad about leaving Dupont Circle, but were excited about the prospect of having an entire house to themselves and maybe even a play room for the kids! It didn’t take much house shopping for them to realize that Petworth would fit the bill nicely. North and east of Columbia Heights in NW DC, Petworth offers nice, solid Wardman (named for the real estate developer Harry Wardman who built this style of home throughout this area in the early 20th century) style row homes, many of which have been nicely renovated. These homes are perfect for first time buyers in their affordability and size.

    It’s funny to think that these homes were built en masse for the working class. While they clearly lack the ornamentation of the fabulous Victorians in, say, Logan Circle, they are still very solid, well-built homes with great historical details like transom windows (the windows above the doorways), beautiful staircases, French doors, or even sometimes pocket doors, separating the living from dining rooms, and skylights in the upstairs bathrooms. They almost all have the two level porch addition on the back. And some even have nice long lots with yards to play in and garages or off street parking.

    Jill and Luis found their new, nicely renovated row home with a bedroom for everyone, a finished basement (i.e. playroom), a spacious front porch for talking with their new neighbors, a back deck and patio for barbeques and a detached garage for parking. Parking! If you’ve ever tried to find parking in Dupont Circle on a Friday evening after work, you’ll understand how much they must love the easy street parking and private garage of their new digs. And while there are certainly delights to be missed in Dupont, Petworth is not without it’s own gems. Jill and Luis will soon be discovering Qualia Coffee, Domku, and Sweet Mango Café. They’ll be shopping at Yes! Organic and the newly renovated Safeway. They are still steps to public transportation – the bus. And after only a five minute bus ride, they can hop on the red line and easily visit their old stomping grounds.


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