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    Now You Too Can Have a Fantastic Garden

    Either you have it or you don’t – a green thumb. Some people just know how to “talk” to plants and understand what they need. I am not one of those people. I need clear direction in order to keep something alive (yes, my children’s newborn phase was tough). But I love fresh veggies and herbs and love the idea of teaching my children to grow and enjoy our own food in our own backyard. Well, apparently this website was created just for me. If you are like me, you must try Smart Gardener. It is like your personal gardening consultant.

    First, the site helps you choose the layout of your garden. Then, it will tell you the kinds of plants that are good for your area and season. If you’re overwhelmed, they’ll suggest some plants for you. Then, and this is the kicker, they tell you exactly what to do. Step-by-step they create a daily plan. They help you make to-do lists and you can keep a journal to monitor your garden’s progress. They stick with you all the way to harvest time. Go ahead and try to plant that garden one more time. You’re bound for success now with the help of Smart Gardener. And please remember your favorite real estate agents when you’re looking to get rid of your overflowing bounty of heirloom tomatoes.


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