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    Tour of Solar & Green Homes

    The 22nd annual Metro Washington, D.C. Tour of Solar & Green Homes is being held October 6th & 7th. Admission is free!

    Over 70 homes energy-efficient homes and buildings will highlight a variety of solar design, technology and sustainable living concepts, including solar hot water systems, radiant heat, energy-efficient appliances, and energy- saving building construction techniques.

    The tour includes a variety of renewable energy improved buildings and properties, as well as residential solar homes featuring many energy efficient improvements.  Many of these homeowners also practice energy and water conservation measures, recycle and compost, and drive fuel-efficient or alternative energy vehicles.

    The tour will also provide helpful information about grants and incentives for going green and ads from the best area installers in the Washington D.C. area.

    The DC Tour Guides can be downloaded for free. The Tour Guide is both a map and “passport” for admission to the sites and contains directions to each home.







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