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    Because it’s More Than Just a House.

    It’s a path to financial security. It’s independence. It’s sharing your life with someone else. It’s a safe place to raise your family. It’s a safe place to grow old. It’s neighbors who will become lifelong friends. It’s a community to invest in.

    We understand that buying or selling a house represents so much more than bricks and mortar. We are driven and inspired by the unique way that real estate shapes the way we live, work and build community.

    No matter who you are or where you are buying or selling, you deserve the same high level of commitment and quality service. You deserve to have access to the resources that will empower you to make an informed and wise decision about homeownership. We see ourselves as advocates for responsible homeownership and community building, and we support innovative programs that positively impact local communities and increase access to homeownership opportunities.

    Alex and Laura

    Friends since college, Alex and Laura both come from a background of social services and nonprofit management. After sharing a job at a community-based nonprofit helping homeowners facing foreclosure, they decided to translate their social service skills to real estate. They pride themselves on their expertise of community based housing resources and outstanding customer service.

    Laura Pimentel

    KAP_LR_Alex_Laura-68-EditLaura earned a MA in English Literature from the College of Charleston, SC and was dedicated to a career as a nonprofit manager before shifting her career to real estate. Whether Laura was raising money for housing programs for people with disabilities, managing a residential program for homeless youth or advising homeowners facing foreclosure, her work has always focused on issues of housing.

    Laura believes that owning real estate is an important component of building strong and stable communities. She loves being part of the growth and development happening all across the DC region. She also strongly believes in real estate as a tool for building wealth and does all she can to help her clients buy and sell wisely. Laura speaks fluent Spanish thanks to having lived and worked in the Dominican Republic for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer. She currently owns a cozy (yes, that means small) bungalow in the NE DC neighborhood of Woodridge and when she’s not working she’s raising two fantastic sons, seeking out amazing food experiences, reading thought provoking books and even catching a movie or going out dancing every once in a while.

    Alex DeLorme

    KAP_LR_Alex_Laura-84-EditAlex has lived in the DC area for over 12 years, earning a MPA from American University and working for various government and non-profit organizations including the American Red Cross. Alex has built a strong reputation among buyers and sellers as a trusted advisor. She is committed to advocating for her clients and providing them with the information they need to make informed and rewarding real estate decisions.

    Alex loves living in LeDroit Park, a peaceful oasis in the middle of a bustling city. Pastel-painted row houses hug each other along the quiet streets of this historical enclave.

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