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    Eat Shop Live Anacostia

    Do you hear the buzz? Well, it’s coming from Anacostia. This SE neighborhood, so rich in history and beautiful homes, is finally beginning to get the recognition it deserves. There’s so much exciting stuff going on here. Have you been lately? If not, you need to check it out. DC has chosen the Anacostia Historic District as a DC Main Streets program publicizing the marketability of the area in hopes of attracting new businesses. DHCD’s Commercial Façade Improvement Program has made me stop at businesses that I would have previously driven by and never noticed were there. Phase 2 of the trolley development will be in Anacostia connecting the Anacostia metro with the 11th Street bridge. Bank of America chose the area for its new America Block-by-Block program, a long term neighborhood revitalization effort. The Anacostia Waterfront Initiative focuses on promoting and preserving one of the neighborhoods most important assets and natural resources – the Anacostia River. St. Elizabeth’s Hospital is being renovated and repurposed for the Department of Homeland Security. And there’s so much more in the works.

    As we’ve noted many times before, there’s development happening all over the DMV and it’s exciting to live in such a booming city. But the development in Anacostia is especially exciting because it’s the fulfillment of years of hopes and promises. Finally, we’re seeing it happen. All the ingredients are there for Anacostia to become a hot, hot spot. For those buyers who want to invest in an area for economic returns, all signs indicate that Anacostia is for you. But more importantly, for those buyers who want to be part of a movement, help shape the development of their neighborhood and live in a community for which they are fiercely proud, consider Anacostia. To learn more about what Anacostia has to offer, check out Eat Shop Live Anacostia.

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