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    What We Love About Woodridge

    We love the Washington, DC metro area. And we think there is something to love about every neighborhood in our area. Yes, every one of them – even the often maligned. Of course, there are always things that can be improved everywhere, but we wanted to give a big old shout out to the places where we live and work every day. So to kick off the “What I Love About [Insert Neighborhood]” series, Alex and I are each going to write about our own hoods, of course. But we don’t just want this to come from us. We want it to come from our clients who have chosen to buy in these neighborhoods too.

    So, let’s start with Woodridge. First, Woodridge is a neighborhood in NE DC and not a city in Virginia (Woodbridge – note the extra “b”). This is also the neighborhood where Laura lives. We love Woodridge b/c of the huge lot sizes that offer plenty of much needed space for children and dogs alike to burn off energy. Woodridge feels suburban – in a good way. Open space, lots of trees, garden friendly, neighborly. Trick-or-treat night is so much fun! No parking permits! But it’s still in the city – i.e. no hellish commute!  It’s a nice compromise for those who are reluctant to entirely embrace a suburban lifestyle. Plus, there are so many parks and green spaces to explore. Two of Laura’s favorite nearby stomping grounds are the Monastery and the Arboretum – fabulous gems that are often unknown by many longtime DC residents.

    And as a homeowner here, we love that Woodridge is smack dab in the middle of retail development all around – Rhode Island Avenue Metro, Brookland, Fort Totten, Fort Lincoln, Hyattsville, University Park. It’s all just minutes away. Our own retail corridor of northern Rhode Island Avenue has a lot of potential too. And we’re getting one of the new fancy DC public libraries! We are just brimming with bright future prospects.

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