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    Wander into LeDroit Park

    Florida Avenue & 6th & T Streets NW

    Surrounded by busy Florida and Rhode Island Avenues, 2nd Street and Howard University, the neighborhood of LeDroit Park is a peaceful oasis in the middle of a bustling city. Pastel-painted row houses hug each other along the quiet streets. The architecture that took shape in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by James McGill, who designed homes to resemble Italian villas and Gothic cottages, is still as visible as ever. Out of the original 64 homes McGill designed in LeDroit Park, 50 remain.

    Sandra Serrant calls LeDroit Park “DC’s secret neighborhood”. We were thrilled to help Sandra purchase her first home here. “The new park is beautiful. It’s the perfect place for neighbors to come together at the end of their day to discuss the neighborhood, their dogs and work. We are in walking distance of good bars, restaurants and overall it’s a nice place to walk around or jog. We already have Boundary Stone and soon there will be a bakery and an upscale grocery store. Exciting things are happening in LeDroit.”

    Exciting things are happening indeed. Next month, the 100-year-old historic landmark Howard Theatre, located just across Florida Avenue, will celebrate its rebirth after an extensive restoration. The Howard Theatre has seen performers like Ella Fitzgerald and Marvin Gaye. To follow the progress of the restoration, check out www.howardtheatre.org.

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