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    Workforce Housing Certified

    We’re happy to announce that Alex and Laura are Workforce Housing Certified! Workforce Housing Certification is offered by the Maryland Association of Realtors to prepare real estate agents to work with clients interested in accessing affordable housing finance programs in their area.

    This certification falls directly in line with our goals of helping clients find affordable and sustainable homes. We strive to maintain expert knowledge about the homebuyer programs that exist in both DC and Maryland and the best and most efficient way for consumers to access them. As advocates for our clients, it is essential that we understand the ins and outs of these products.

    In order to earn the certification, agents are trained as instructors of the CreditSmart curriculum developed by Freddie Mac. CreditSmart educates consumers about getting and maintaining good credit, credit scoring and basic money management. Additionally, agents are educated about different types of financial products offered by lenders to help homebuyers with particular challenges (like low credit scores or no savings) and the eligibility standards of these products. Finally, we were trained on the many local, state and federal programs and initiatives designed to help homebuyers.

    To learn more about programs available to help first time buyers, check out our Helpful Programs page.

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