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    Five Things Sellers Can Do To Maximize Their Home’s Value

    1. Get rid of the clutter and the cobwebs – We understand that selling your home is not easy.  If you’re still living there while it’s on the market, it’s inconvenient and exhausting to be ready for showings at a moment’s notice. And the condition that you need to show your house in is not the condition that any of us normally keep our house in on a daily basis (especially if you have kids!). Trust us, we wouldn’t ask you to do it if we didn’t know that it makes a huge difference. Too much stuff or actual dirt and grime just looks messy and unappealing to buyers and is distracting from the true qualities of the room or space. Consider renting a storage unit or a storage pod or stashing your stuff in your sister’s basement. And if your place needs a good deep cleaning and you’re not up for it, we can recommend some great house cleaners for you to use. Hopefully you won’t have to be a clean-freak minimalist for very long.

    2. Pack your personal items first – Since you’re already de-cluttering, we suggest that you start with removing all personal items and yes, ditch the tchotchkes. Take down all the pictures of your kids and your wedding and the family reunion. Potential buyers don’t want to feel like this is your space. They want it to feel like their space. And if you’ve already claimed it with all your stuff, it can be harder for them to picture themselves living there and their stuff on the walls.

    3. Make minor repairs and upgrades – A fresh coat of paint goes a very long way. Things like replacing torn screens, tightening hand railings, replacing dated light fixtures etc. can also make a big difference. All of these things contribute to first impressions. Consider taking extra steps like servicing and cleaning your HVAC system (especially if it hasn’t been done in a while), replacing old carpet, painting your dated kitchen cabinets, giving your windows a good cleaning inside and out, planting some flowers outside. This may seem like a lot of hard work and money, but it will ultimately translate into more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

     4. Consider using staged furniture – Even if you’re still living in your home while it’s on the market, you can use staged furniture and decorations to supplement what you already have. Or if maybe your living room couch is getting kind of raggedy (and you don’t want to replace it until you buy your new home). Or your walls seem bare now that you have removed all the family portraits. Staging companies specialize in decorating homes in a way that is warm and inviting but still generic enough that buyers imagine themselves living there.

     5. Show off your beautiful, newly improved home with professional photos – We can’t stress enough the importance that professional photography makes when selling your home. If you’ve just done all of this hard work, you want to maximize the impact by getting high quality professional photos. Ask your real estate agent if he/she is going to take photos (if not, then find another agent) and whether they are going to hire a professional photographer. We feel that even if we have the fancy camera, we are not, unfortunately, photography professionals who know how to capture the most light and color in a space, choose the angle that makes the room look the largest, etc. So we leave it to the experts. And it’s worth every penny spent.


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