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    Plans for McMillan Sand Filtration Site

    You may not know it by name, but you surely do know the McMillan Sand Filtration Site. It’s the big, wide open space across from Washington Hospital Center and Children’s National Medical Center with the creepy looking bunker things. Most people have no idea what exactly it is. Well, according to Wikipedia, it was a water treatment plant that used a slow sand filter design which eventually became obsolete and so the site was decommissioned. It’s been sitting vacant and closed off ever since. But, in case you haven’t heard, it won’t be for long. Yes, the city is developing this unique space which has caused a stir among residents. Everyone has different ideas for the space but the general concern is how the area will change if this wide open space is packed with dense urban development.

    The team that is leading the development, headed by the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, has been listening to community feedback and altering plans accordingly. Apparently, they will be leaving 28% of the site or 6.95 acres as green space. They will preserve historical details, created mixed use spaces, affordable housing, community amenities and more. For more information and to give your feedback, check out Envision McMillan. In June, the permitting process will begin and the project is scheduled to deliver in 2016. My oh my, how things are achanging. And we can all say that we lived here when…

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