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    Smithsonian Folklife Festival Celebrates Communities East of the Anacostia

    The annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival is highly anticipated each summer.  Held on the National Mall, the festival typically has explored the way of life – arts, crafts, cuisine, music, dance – of cultures both locally and around the globe. The festival often delves into the complex social and political changes that have influenced these cultures.

    We’re especially excited by this year’s program Citified: Arts and Creativity East of the Anacostia River. Citified looks at creativity, identity, and community in Far Southeast Washington DC neighborhoods. The program takes its name from the notion that many of the ancestors of current SE residents originally came from rural, southern backgrounds. Many of their traditions still survive despite the fact that those practicing them are now urban dwellers. We’re thrilled to see some of DC’s very own rich, cultural heritage celebrated. And we love to see the often maligned neighborhoods east of the river get some much deserved love and appreciation.

    Check out the Festival this weekend! It runs from June 27–July 1 and again July 4–8, 2012. For more information and a complete schedule of activities, visit the Festival site here.

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