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    H Street NE Cooridor: Continuing to Get Noticed

    The H Street NE corridor, named by Forbes as the sixth hippest hipster neighborhood in the US because of neighborhood haunts like Sticky Rice, Toki Underground and the Rock and Roll Hotel continues to grab our attention as development efforts continue.

    1300 H Street NE, at the heart of the H Street NE corridor, currently occupied by the R.L. Christian Library will get a face lift very soon. The city put out a request for proposals a few months ago and will choose one project from among those presented by the end of the year. The proposals include mixed-income projects with community-serving features such as retail, housing and art and cultural amenities.

    Also, sure to bring notice will be the new DC Streetcar System which will first focus on the H Street NE corridor. The new streetcars are scheduled to go into service in late 2013.

    There are also number of exciting condo projects coming to the neighborhood in the next year:
    301 H Street NE with 5,000 square feet of retail will be a 22 unit boutique style condo project (2013 delivery).
    – 1350 Maryland Avenue NE will be an 84 unit condo project called The Maia  is still in the planning stages, and the delivery date hasn’t been announced.
    300 L Street NE with 5,000 square-foot retail component on the ground floor and 49 unit condo project (Spring 2013 delivery).


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