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    Ask the Expert Series: The Home Warranty

    Teresa Novak

    We continue our Ask the Expert series of blog posts with an interview with Teresa Novak, District Manager with HMS Home Warranty.  Here are the answers, direct from an expert, to the questions you most frequently ask us.

    1. What is a home warranty and what does it cover?

    A HMS home warranty provides repair or replacement coverage for mechanical failures of major systems and appliances. Examples of the systems and appliances are (but not limited to): Air Conditioning System, Heating System, Electrical System, Plumbing System, Water Heater, Oven, Range, Cooktop, Refrigerator, Washer & Dryer, Dishwasher, Garbage Disposal, Sump Pump, Jetted Tub.

    2. Should I buy a manufacturer’s warranty instead?

    There are two types of manufacturer’s warranties that are available to consumers. The first is the warranty that comes with a newly purchased item.  This manufacturer warranty covers manufacturer defects and not mechanical failures that result from normal wear and tear.  Additionally, these manufacture warranties can be short in duration and may not cover labor for the repair.

    The second type would be a manufacturer’s warranty or service contract and can be purchased directly from the manufacturer.  This type of product is similar to an HMS Home Warranty in that it covers failures that result from normal wear and tear.  These types of warranties are more expensive and only cover individual appliances and systems.  The HMS Home Warranty will cover multiple appliances and systems for one low cost.  Please see the HMS Home Warranty Brochure for details.

    3. Will my homeowners insurance policy cover it?

    No, homeowners insurance and a home warranty cover completely different things. Homeowners insurances covers the structural dwelling of a home for disasters. A HMS home warranty covers normal wear and tear failures of the systems and appliances in the home which homeowners insurance does not cover.

    4. Are home inspections required to have a home warranty?

    Home inspections are not required to have a HMS home warranty however, the home warranty does require that all covered systems and appliances be in proper working order when the warranty is put into place on the property.

    5. What if my appliance and systems are old?

    There are no exclusions based on age. The HMS home warranty just requires that everything be in proper working order when the warranty is put into place.

    6. What are the benefits of having a home warranty on a home I am selling?

    The HMS Home Warranty can be placed on a home that is listed for sale. The benefits to covering the home while it is listed are:

    – Protection while the home is on the market so the seller does not incur big repairs/replacements to systems and appliances when they do not want to invest anymore money into their home.
    – Protection for covered mechanical failures that arise from the home inspection.
    – The ability to advertise the home with coverage that conveys a one year warranty to the new buyer and provided peace of mind to them.
    – The warranty is not paid for until settlement so no risk to the seller to put it on.

    7. Who can purchase a home warranty?

    Anyone can purchase a HMS home warranty! If you are selling or buying a home you can purchase a warranty but if you are an existing homeowner you can purchase a home warranty as well. The warranty can also be purchased for investment properties.

    8. Are home warranties renewable?

    The HMS home warranty is renewable annually. The renewal rate varies.

    If you have additional questions about the home inspection process, post them here and we’ll get them answered.  For more information about HMS Home Warranty, check out their website. Please feel free to contact Teresa directly at tnovak@thinkhms.com

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