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    Maryland Property Tax Credit: Deadline Dec. 31st

    Do you own a home in Maryland? Did you know Maryland requires all homeowners to submit a one-time application to establish eligibility for the Homestead Tax Credit? If you haven’t already applied for the Homestead Property Tax Credit you have until the end of the year to do so or lose it!

    To help homeowners deal with large assessment increases on their principal residence, state law has established the Homestead Property Tax Credit. This credit only applies to your principal residence. The Homestead Credit limits the increase in taxable assessments each year to a fixed percentage. Every county and municipality in Maryland is required to limit taxable assessment increases to 10% or less each year. Click here to view  a listing of homestead caps for each local government.

    To learn more about the Homestead Property Tax Credit program click here to access the Department of Assessments & Taxation website.

    Homeowners who have not filed a Homestead Eligibility Application have until have until December 31, 2012 to submit an application to continue being eligible for this credit. You can find out if you have already filed the Homestead application by looking up your property on the SDAT Real Property Database.

    If you have not already filed the Homestead application click here for instructions from the Homestead Office. You may also request an application by telephone at 410-767-2165.


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